What’s the process, and when do I need to engage a building designer

The best time to engage Pride Home Designs for your proposed project would be from the very beginning. We can help guide your project in the right direction to suit both your requirements and build budget and also any restrictive constraints that your particular project may have such as,

Site constraints, Traditional character zoning, Pre 1946 Homes, Heritage listing, Neighbourhood planning overlays, Flood Zones, Covenant requirements, Underground services, Existing Structure, etc..

The list can go on for days. But ensuring everything is covered early in the design stage, it will ensure a smooth design and building process

You can see more detail on the process here in our Services

What information do I need to supply? (How much detail)

We are happy for a new client to provide as little or as much information as they wish. We have designed new projects with as little as a brief a little of rooms and new project requires, to a client’s own design they have put together themselves that we turn in to a full design and documents drawing.

Every new project starts with a design session to go through your project in every possible detail to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

How much does it cost?

Every job is different, every site is different and most of all every client is different. For these reasons we don’t have a standard rate to cover design and drafting. We start every job with a free of charge design session to discuss your project in detail, from here we will put together an obligation free quotation to complete you project.

What is the Difference between a draftsman, Building Designer and an Architect?

Draftsman known as “Draftys” in most cases will take an existing design and only do the working drawings for the trades on site and any other consultants involved in project to work from. Usually these designs will come from an architect, building designer, engineer etc…

Building Designer versus an Architect, as quoted from the Builders Designers Association of Queensland for the best definition:

In Queensland there is no difference in the work that can be done by a building designer as opposed to an architect. There are some differences in education and regulation between the professions but these make little difference to their work output. A building designer must be licensed by the Queensland Building Services Authority at a level suitable for the type of work to be undertaken.

More info on Building Designers can be found here on the Building Designers association of queensland Inc. website


I don’t have a builder, did you have any recommendations

Definitely! Pride Home Designs works closely with over a dozen regular builders. Based on your project, location and budget we can always recommend some builders that would suit.

In saying that, there is no limitation on who you can use to build your project, and we are more than happy to work alongside you and any chosen builder or trade you choose to complete your project.